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Check In: Has The Academy Awards Lost Its Way

Check In: Has The Academy Awards Lost Its Way

Controversy has always surrounded the arts leading to productive debate and recognition of artful pictures that not everyone agrees on. However this year it seems all a little to absent from the public domain. This leads us to the question are the arts being recognised if the institution built to distinguish them isn’t generating an […]

Check In: Could Hollywood Be Forgetting The History Of Franchises

Could the Hollywood studio system become the lost world of meaningful franchises from a Hollywood era now gone. Last week at CinemaCon, Hollywood’s leading studios took to the stage to present their upcoming slates, the majority of which were headlined by reboots, spin-offs and sequels. However, while this might be a good play at the […]

Check In: The Sony Hack And Privacy In The Digital News Cycle

Five months ago, the world media was greeted by the news cycle that simply wouldn’t end. The media savagery over Sony emails lead to Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal leaving the studio following the hack. After three weeks of butchery between sites to find gossipy worthy stories from the seemingly endless amount of stolen […]

Check In: The Truth To Hollywood’s Divided War On Google Glass

From Silicon valley to Hollywood ever since it was announced the futuristic piece of technology Google Glass has caused a stir, especially amongst studios, exhibitors and cinemas with a divided war currently taking place over the new wearable technology. The device itself is a new hands-free, head-mounted, wearable device that offers the compatibility of a […]