Veronica Mars Backers To Receive Refund After Digital Download Glitches

Veronica Mars Backers To Receive Refund After Digital Download Glitches

Veronica Mars $35+ Kickstarter backers should have received a free digital download of the film. However, due to technical problems on Friday via the service provided by Flixster fans became rather angry when they attempted and couldn’t download the film. The director and creator Rob Thomas acknowledged the difficulties and has announced that the backers […]

Netflix Begins Discussions For House Of Cards Season Three

After rumors giving binge watchers the runaround it has finally been confirmed that Netflix original series House Of Cards has begun talks to schedule a third season. The announcement follows after the series became televisions wildest wildcard of the decade as it became the first show to to claim a praised Emmy award after never […]

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Discusses Content Creators Constricting Markets

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Discuses Content Creators and the way that the Netflix business model is originally built around promoting independent films compared to studio features and talks about previously successful indie films that have flourished into previous award season after being held under the wing of Netflix along with discussing just how Netflix as a […]

BAFTA TV Awards welcome the Netflix revolution

The British Academy Television Awards have changed with the revolutionary tide of new broadcast worthy web originals created by Netflix and has amended their rules of acceptance allowing Netflix’s House Of Cards to be chosen for consideration for the upcoming BAFTA TV Awards which ceremony will take place on May 18th prior to the The […]

Ratings Report: Netflix TV Battle

Well it has taken the online entertainment world by storm, becoming one of the most watched Netflix shows in history. The political thriller is spectacular featuring the likes of Kevin Spacy, Robin Wright, Larry Pine and the sensational Kate Mara who plays Zoe Barnes a low level reporter at the Washington Harald that is until […]