AFI Fest Reviews 2013

AFI Review: Lone Survivor

AFI Review: Lone Survivor

Witness true acts of courage, devotion and vigorous combat as four members of SEAL Team 10 fight to survive whilst stranded in Afghanistan mountaintops and being hunted by heavily armed hostiles. The Lone Survivor follows Operation Red Wings and is set in June, 2005 where four US Navy SEALs are sent to take down a […]

AFI Review: The Invisible Woman

The superbly tragic tale of The Invisible Woman follows Nelly Ternan as she recounts her secretive relationship with the recently deceased Charles Dickens, through as series of suspenseful and extensive flashbacks that chronicle her life throughout her troubled present. The period drama opens on an empty English beach in the winter and follows Nelly Ternan […]

AFI Review: Out of the Furnace

To find the truth you must enter the fire as Christian Bale brings us in to the intensely dark Out of the Furnace. The profoundly intense Out of the Furnace follows Russell Baze (Christian Bale) who after having a ridged life lives in a economically-depressed Rust Belt following his endless routine working at a mill […]

AFI Review: Philomena

“Survives on its fascinating story, as one that is emotionally very rich…” In the masterful British comedy series The Trip, Steve Coogan spends a lot of his time agonising and lamenting his lack of serious, Hollywood roles. Well, his latest offering proves that he doesn’t need to head over to America to get cast in […]

AFI Review: Big Bad Wolves

The Israeli horror comedy, Big Bad Wolves from Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado and the directors that brought us Rabies. Big Bad Wolves doesn’t fully reveal the power of its own capacity until about half an hour in, but that isn’t to say that the first part isn’t as interesting as the rest. After a […]