Cannes Reviews 2013

Cannes Review: Nothing Bad Can Happen

Cannes Review: Nothing Bad Can Happen

Katrin Gebbe’s breakthrough debut film Nothing Bad Can Happen was the only German film included among this year’s official selection at Cannes. Harrowing, intense, and deeply moving, the film proves difficult to watch even for those seasoned in extreme cinema. Much like the now mythical Compliance, the film bases itself upon real events, which only […]

Cannes Review: Nebraska

Cinema’s answer to the Great American Novel has got to be the road movie. There is just something about watching your protagonists speeding along endless highways, across deserts and mountains, that is effortlessly able to evoke the spirit of the age and area in which it was made. The road movie can give you an […]

Cannes Review: Only Lovers Left Alive

We’ve seen a plethora of vampire films in recent years, with the Twilight franchise popularising the mythology, bringing it back triumphantly to a mainstream audience. However there have been none quite so imaginative as Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive, which comes with a degree of ingenuity, almost satirising the genre, yet doing so in […]

Cannes Review: The Immigrant

Turning to the world of period dramas, director James Gray crafts a story of longing, loss, and the shattered dreams of those hoping for a new life in America. The Immigrant focuses upon Polish immigrant Ewa (played by the consistently excellent Marion Cotillard) and her sister Magda (Angela Sarafyan) as they arrive at Ellis Island […]

Cannes Review: Inside Llewyn Davis

The Greenwich Village folk scene has always held much promise as a potentially fascinating cinematic setting, with so few films ever delving into such a time and place to great effect, as a movement somewhat untouched in mainstream cinema. Therefore who better to entrust than the Coen brothers, as Joel and Ethan illuminate the period […]

Cannes Review: For Those in Peril

For better or worse, Ben Wheatley’s legacy begins. Not that Wheatley, whose films so far I haven’t particularly enjoyed, could have made For Those in Peril. This is much worse. Its persistent shallow-focus and hearts-on-sleeves poetic razzmatazz will win over anyone hoping to see a wholesale transferral of the more debased trends of Britain’s small-screen […]

Cannes Review: Seduced and Abandoned

Alec Baldwin once described the business of funding cinema as “The worst girlfriend in the world. You are seduced and abandoned over and over again.” With the title Seduced and Abandoned this film gives a look behind the curtain at the funding world of the hollywood’s high art business with acting icon Alec Baldwin and […]

Cannes Review: The Past

After winning the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film with his preceding title A Separation, it seemed somewhat inevitable that Iranian auteur Asghar Farhadi would expand, and broaden his cinematic talents outside of the Middle East, and in The Past he has attracted a more renowned cast of performances, making the move – for […]


Cannes Review: The Selfish Giant

Following the success of her debut feature The Arbor, Barnard returns to Bradford for The Selfish Giant, a superb, beautiful story of friendship. Loosely based on Oscar Wilde’s children’s story, the film tells the story of Arbor and Swifty, two local boys, disillusioned with school, decide to make some extra money by selling scrap metal. […]

Cannes Review: The Bling Ring

In a similar vein to Spring Breakers, Sofia Coppola delves into American youth culture in her latest picture The Bling Ring – another production exploring the issue amongst juveniles to turn to a life of crime in a bid for attention, and the lust and fascination with celebrity culture in an image conscious world, unveiling […]

Cannes Review: Young & Beautiful

Following on from the wonderful In The House earlier this year, prolific French director François Ozon returns with Jeune & Jolie (which translates as ‘young and beautiful’) – showing off his distinct aptitude for effortlessly moving between genres. However, though this erotic, nuanced drama is compelling and provocative, it lacks that ingenuity and dry, satirical […]