Toronto Reviews 2015

Toronto Review: Son Of Saul

Toronto Review: Son Of Saul

The gas chambers, the incinerators and the sickening machinery of genocide are all vividly dissected in Son of Saul as viewers are plunged into the midst of Hitler’s Final Solution at work. Audiences are dragged along on the gut wrenching journey of one man, a tiny cog in this machine of mass slaughter. For those […]

Toronto Review: A Tale Of Love And Darkness

Natalie Portman, makes her feature directorial and screenwriting debut with her screen adaptation of Amos Oz’s best-selling autobiographical novel ‘A Tale of Love and Darkness’. In 1945, in Jerusalem at the end of the British Mandate for Palestine and the early years of the State of Israel, the film details the life of young Amos […]

Toronto Review: The Lobster

The challenges of being single may be a nightmare for some, but spare a thought for poor, short-sighted David (Colin Farrell), a man running out of time to find a mate, or else he will be turned into the titular sea creature. The Lobster takes the viewer to an alienating alternate reality where the social […]