Exclusive: Universal Cuts The Cord With Critics On ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

Exclusive: Universal Cuts The Cord With Critics On ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

Universal Studios has just taken the film industry’s first step towards the edge of a cliff for film critics. In the wake of the onslaught of negative reviews prior to the opening of Fifty Shades of Grey in February 2015. Universal Pictures has now on its sequel decided to cut the cord with critics on […]

Following The Leader As IMDb Closes Message Boards

“We would first like to wish IMDb’s Founder and CEO Col Needham a Happy 50th birthday.” – Tastic Film Editor-in-Chief James Rush. IMDb has today announced the decision to close their message boards and private messaging system on February 20th, 2017. This is only the latest member to join the group of authoritative online websites […]

Review: ‘Miss Sloane’ Survives On Jessica Chastain

A picture that may be a cautionary tale for directors but is a playbook for actors. In an attempt to propel the audience through a story containing both equal parts speedy dialogue and slower emotional moments, director John Madden fell into the trap of modern cinema’s short memory, timing. Fast abrasive cuts always work well […]

Review: ‘Live by Night’ Slowly Thrills Using Foley Over Score

A foley track overruling the score is something rarely seen anymore. Most audiences are completely desensitized to the constant lack of a notable retreat to a casual silence. That’s a decision that has filtered down from blockbusters to become seemingly part of Hollywood’s cohesive structure for a crowd pleaser. However, while that may guarantee an […]

George Lucas’ Museum of Narrative Art To Open In Los Angeles

From the treacherous waters through which George Lucas’ Museum of Narrative Art has been dragged finally emerges a plan and a new home. While the hopeful years have passed with the planned $1 billion project moving from city to city. First being forced to move to Chicago from San Francisco in mid-2014 following a $700 […]

Toronto Review: Nocturnal Animals

A beautiful lullaby of a nightmare embedded within a statement of the absurd artistic world from which it was birthed. The sublime craft of Nocturnal Animals from the sound and color to the pace and structure are all cheerfully undeniable. The film follows two intertwined storylines one flowing from a fictitious creation existing in the […]

Cannes Review: Blood Father

A superb little quaint thriller with acting that astounds. While the action captures the screen it never itself devolves into spectacle and instead only exists to serve the story. Reminding us that despite the surroundings this story at its heart is a father trying to save his once missing daughter. From the opening, director Jean-François […]

Cannes Review: Personal Shopper

Something lost and something gained. As cinema has rolled on through the decades since the 60s, suspense has been less and less well approached in new forms. Nevertheless here it appears that Olivier Assayas has found a new modern approach to the genre. It’s gripping, intriguing and yet maintains a slow allure that gently ferries […]

Cannes Review: Money Monster

A surface film with an artistically rough open that sustains itself on a blockbuster tried and tested riskless formula. In tune with the television show which it depicts the picture is based on drawing in the audience, with some dialogue including the first and last lines almost breaking the fourth wall. Most of these lines […]

Cannes Review: Cafe Society

Containing all the characteristics of a lovable Woody Allen film, Cafe Society gives us his perspective of his less touched city Los Angeles. While his previous works have included scenes in Los Angeles, this depiction seems less stereotypical of Hollywood. As the picture progresses the location becomes simply a backdrop for the story. Opposed to […]

‘The Intern’ Premiere Lures Anne Hathaway & Robert De Niro To London

‘The Intern’ starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro had its European Premiere last night in London. Both the lead stars and Wendy Meyers, the writer and director of the film, were in attendance. All of them were present to experience yet another of Wendy’s beautiful motion pictures. A lot of time was dedicated to […]

Ant-Man’s Ant Army Rolls Out The Red Carpet In London

There was nothing small-scale about the premiere for Marvel’s littlest superhero, Ant-Man, with the stars all beaming as they greeted the fans last night. Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Michael Pena and director Peyton Reed walked the ant-infested red carpet surrounded by the roars of Marvel fans who seemed to have forgotten all about Ant-Man’s troubled […]

Ant-Man Review

Ant-Man may be small in stature, but he is definitely big on action and laughs. Summer movies can’t come much bigger than Marvel’s comic-book blockbusters so it’s refreshing to see the studio downsize for their latest. Along with a roster that shows no signs of stopping the expansion their superhero cinematic universe Marvel have a […]

Cannes: ‘Youth’ Sets Release Date Enters As Awards Contender

After receiving substantial critical acclaim and stepping onto the awards trail at the recent Cannes Film Festival, Fox Searchlight has announced that ‘Youth’ will be released domestically on Friday December 4th, 2015. This announcement from Fox Searchlight, which was the distributor of last years Best Picture winner Birdman, places Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘Youth’ directly in competition […]

The Overnight Review

Indulge in a Los Angeles night of erratic sex comedy with Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott. The Overnight with a motto of unpredictability and opportunity begins as Kurt portrayed by Jason Schwartzman, stumbles upon the recently relocated couple Alex and Emily played by Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling, at a playground with their son. Kurt […]