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TV Recap: The Mentalist Returns To The Traditional

TV Recap: The Mentalist Returns To The Traditional

After a three week long vacation from our televisions The Mentalist returned last night to the traditional consultant Patrick Jane tale as five DEA agents are murdered during a federal office attack. All while Jane wanders off once again and this time for a romantic encounter with a newly found suspect leaving Lisbon and Fischer […]

TV Recap: Homeland Waves Farewell To Its Leads

Ever since Homeland first premiered on air one of the most pinnacle characters has been Nicholas Brody who has appeared in all 36 episodes of the show until now. Homeland’s Season Finale, which took to the air Sunday night broadcasted a pleasant farewell to the shows third season which at first alienated audiences through its […]

TV Recap: The Mentalist Aftermath Of The Red John Chapter

The Mentalist returns after its signature sign off last week, which finally closed the door on the tale of the good Teresa Lisbon, The Bad Red John and the mentalist Patrick Jane. All after running on the backbone of the Red John case since the shows debut on CBS in September, 2008. Last nights episode […]

Recap: Agents Of Shield Late Halloween Anyone

So last night’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. saw the team coming face to face with the question ‘Is telekinesis real?’ as they deal with the fallout from an explosion where a young girl is being blamed for the accident and is displaying telekinetic abilities. The episode opens straight after the last one ended, with […]

TV Recap: Wild ‘Bedtime Stories’ Strike How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother returned last night with its tenth brand new episode from its final season and it didn’t disappoint, it was largely a road trip episode that saw Marshall and Marvin on a bus heading to Farhampton. With rhyming skills that would give Dr. Seuss a run for his money, Marshall (Jason […]

TV Recap: Day Of The Doctor

Doctors collide in the 50th anniversary episode of the longest running sci-fi show in history Doctor Who. The episode encounters the warrior Doctor just prior to the traumatic moment that has mentally haunted the Doctor for over 400 years throughout his history, with a vengeance and a guilt fulled rage that has saved the universe […]

Recap: Homeland Thrill Returns With A Vengeance

Since the beginning of the new season of Homeland has been rapidly descending into a solo drama simply following the characters chronicling the events following the Langley attack and seeing just how deep into despair it has taken the characters, although after last nights episode of Homeland the series has welcomed back its legendary sense […]

Recap: Agents Of Shield ‘The Asset’ Marks Series Turning Point

Agents Of Shield takes a redemption audience awaited turn from a one liner show to a continuation of a plot type show. Agents of Shield was called as of last weeks episode a possible failure although the show has finally begun its first tangent spin off which appears to be a continuation set for a […]

Recap: The Blacklist Takes On Government Treason and Assassinations

Its a tense thrilling calamity every time it takes to the air since its pilot premiere just three long weeks ago The Blacklist took to the mysteriously controversial topic of Government Secrets for sale as the Blacklist’s third episode broadcasted on NBC on Monday evening. While Reddington continues his probing of the FBI he is […]