Nicolas Winding Refn In Negotiations To Helm ‘The Bringing’

If there’s one thing we all want to see from the director of the Pusher trilogy, Drive and Only God Forgives, it’s a full blown horror movie. Nicholas Winding Refn has made a career out of challenging films that already have their fair share of harrowing violence and his exceptional style will be welcome in the genre that virtually guarantees a degree of bloodletting.

The Danish auteur is likely to be bringing his unique voice and outstanding style to horror ‘The Bringing’ over at Sony Pictures if negotiations go well. Based on events that have taken place at Cecil’s Hotel in L.A., it will follow a man who is investigating a mysterious death there. There is no word as yet if Ryan Gosling will step in to fill the role of Winding Refn’s leading man for the third film in a row but it’s too early to rule out a hat trick for the director/star bromance.

After the nightmarish (in more ways than one) Only God Forgives, the prospect of the arthouse auteur taking on an unashamed horror movie is enticing to say the least. The director’s use of the camera, stunning production design and fearlessness when it comes to portraying extreme violence should go some way to making his potential signing on to ‘The Bringing’ an exciting bit of news for horror fans.

While Winding Refn hit big with Drive but divided critics with Only God Forgives, it is hard to deny that the director makes interesting choices and certainly has a flair for dark stories. Bringing abundant style to any story, The Bringing may have a conventional sounding genre template but there is bound to be more to this one than meets the eye.

The script is being produced from a spec by Brandon and Phillip Murphy and involves the death of a woman on the spooky hotel’s roof. The Cecil Hotel has a history of the macabre and the death of the woman was preceded by her behaving in a strange manner in a hotel elevator. The synopsis may not sound that scary but with Winding Refn getting to cut loose behind the camera, The Bringing may be a horror worth looking out for. ​

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