Cannes: ‘Ice and the Sky’ Announced As Closing Film

The Cannes Film Festival has announced that Luc Jacquet’s fourth feature film, ‘Ice and the Sky’ will screen as Closing Film of the 68th Cannes Film Festival on May 24.

Luc Jacquet previously directed the Oscar-winning March of the Penguins and in this documentary Luc Jacquet examines the scientific discoveries of Claude Lorius, who left in 1957 to study the Antarctic ice. In 1965 he was the first to be concerned by global warming and its consequences for the planet. Today, aged 82, he continues to look at the future with hope that “Men will find the solidarity that will lead the people living on this planet to another type of behavior.

Luc Jacquet commented on the decision of the festival to screen the documentary saying ‘Ice and the Sky’ saying “Cannes is a huge opportunity for this film and for what it says. I am pleased and impressed, much like The Fifer from the tales that is welcomed at the palace. Showing this film in the world’s largest film festival is contributing to this huge challenge facing humanity as quickly as possible to secure its future and the future of the planet. My language is cinema. In different times, I would have made other films. But I make fierce cinema, political cinema, cinema that has no choice.

The Cannes Film Festival also commented on the selection in a press release saying “Echoing and supporting the fighting of those who have been alerting for a long time, the Festival de Cannes is pleased to get also engaged by programming Ice and the Sky to close its 68th edition. Programming such a film is sending it to the future and to make an appointment for a successful Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris from November, 30th to December, 11th, 2015.

Prior to the screening of Luc Jacquet’s eco documentary on the closing night of the festival. The Jury, chaired by Joel and Ethan Coen, will hand out the prizes to the winners of the festival competition awards.

The Cannes Film Festival will run May 13-24, 2015 and until then you can also discover more about the closing film ‘Ice and the Sky’ at the offical website for the film

Ice and the Sky has been written and directed by Luc Jacquet. It has been produced by Eskwad and will be distributed by Pathé. Wild Bunch will handle international sales and Le Public Système will be in charge of the French media and Martin Marquet of the international media.

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