CinemaCon Studio Guide: Paramount’s Star Trek

Paramount Pictures was hauling a sack of films to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas this year to show off to CinemaCon goers at their presentation.

The presentation kicked off with the upcoming sequel to the 2014 ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ entitled ‘Out of the Shadows’, which will star Megan Fox and Will Arnett both in attendance to support the film. The studio showcased a slightly extended version of a recently-released trailer for the film along with the comedic stylings of Will Arnett as he ordered a ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ themed pizza during the show.

While there was some unseen footage at the presentation, one of Paramount’s most anticipated feature films ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ was noticeably lacking any new footage — despite currently being due in theaters July 22nd. ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ producer and recent ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ director JJ Abrams briefly discussed the film. He said that the absent director of the third Star Trek instillment, Justin Lin “was working hard right now on finishing” the film.

Continuing Abrams spoke words to reassure fans saying that the film would be “the most thrilling Star Trek yet.” The comment follows recent criticism over the trailer including a comment from one of the films screenwriter and stars Simon Pegg “I didn’t love it because I know there’s a lot more to the film. There’s a lot more story and a lot more character stuff and a lot more what I would call ‘Star Trek stuff“.

Despite the lack of footage an entirely new trailer did make it’s way into the show for ‘Rings’ which Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures, Rob Moore hinted would make a splash upon it’s release on October 28th. The film is part of the series of franchise horror mystery films that began with 2002’s ‘The Ring’.

Tom Cruise while away filming ‘The Mummy’ graced the presentation in the form of a video message to mention his October-bound film ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’. Morgan Freeman also sent a voice recording to introduce Ben-Hur star Jack Huston whom then in turn thanked “the voice of God.

Other films briefly noted during the show included Stephen Frears’ ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’, Denis Villeneuve’s ‘The Story of Your Life’, ‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’ along with a trailer for Robert Zemeckis’ World War II thriller ‘Allied’ — staring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard.

While overall the presentation felt more like a run-through than an exclusive preview, the show closed with a teaser trailer and video message from ‘Baywatch’ stars Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach. While they are all currently filming the May 2017 release, they promised to be in attendance at CinemaCon next year to support the film.

JJ Abrams also received the ‘CinemaCon Showman of the Year’ award on the night — presented to him by Simon Pegg, whom has worked with Abrams on numerous occasions and projects. In his speech Abrams talked a little about his childhood love for cinema saying “Movies had a profound impact on me from a very early age. The power of cinema, being transported to another time and place, it was like nothing else.

Below are a selection of High Res images from the presentation:

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