CinemaCon Studio Guide: Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

Sony Pictures presentation at the Las Vegas Cinema Con was swarming with astonishing footage, as distribution president, Rory Bruer took attendees through a showcase of Sony’s summer and 2015 slates.

The main highlight of Sony’s summer slate, demonstrating the pinnacle of visual effects, is the upcoming franchise sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. The film made an astounding impact on Cinema Con attendees this week, screening thirty minutes of footage, including the first fifteen minutes of the film. On the basis of the footage, the sequel is a definite improvement over the original Amazing Spider-Man which was released in 2012, Marc Webb and Sony have really pulled all their guns out on this one. With visual effects that shatter that of any previous Spider-Man movie, along with its elite selection of united villains this is set to be one to remember and definitely not one any Spidey fan will want to be missing this year. The feature length action film will be heading into release in early May stateside and mid April for UK audiences.

Sony’s Rory Bruer commented on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 saying “This movie represents a turning point for Peter Parker, Nothing will be the same after this.” The feature definitely sets a new bar for future spawns and sequels in the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man franchise. The thirty minutes of footage screened during Sony’s presentation featured four scenes of The Amazing Spider-Man sequel, the first was the opening of the film which built upon the opening sequence of the first Spider-Man film from 2012, the sequence answers many questions left remaining about what happened to Peter Parker’s parents.

The second and third sequences assure us that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man won’t be dialing down the comedy with his portrayal of Peter Parker actually getting rather more comedic as the clips progressed throughout the feature. The second clip showed a chase through the streets of New York as an Oscorp truck containing plutonium was hijacked although the sequence also shows how Parker’s promise to Gwen’s father, to stay away from Gwen, is weighing on him. The remaining two sequences shown at Cinema Con featured Electro and the Green Goblin uniting in a battle against Spider-Man as well as a devastating action sequence completely devastating Times Square.

Through these glimpses into the sequel, it’s clear that there are many intertwining storylines. However, they have proven that Sony has amazingly outdone themselves.

Other than Spider-Man, Sony’s summer slate appears to be holding extremely strong. Sony revealed a preview of their upcoming Fury. Amongst the other clips, trailers and footage shown at the convention included first looks at ‘Sex Tape’, ‘Think Like a Man Too’, James Franco and Seth Rogen’s project ‘The Interview’ and Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer.

The presentation also gave attendees an extended look at Sony’s upcoming musical number remake ‘Annie’ along with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s comedy sequel in the Jump Street franchise ’22 Jump Street’. The slate confirms that 2015 is going to be a sensational year for comedies from Sony.

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