PaleyFest: Lost Reunion Reveals Unanswered Questions

The Lost faces we all know and love crashed in to the annual PaleyFest TV festival last night at the Dolby Theater. Ten years after the series debut pilot episode aired on television the fans and cast are still attached to the show with Sawyer, Sun Desmond, and a Hurley all alongside Lost creator Damon Lindelof returning for the reunion. The panel opened with a swift time reminder from the moderator to fans saying “How many of you were watching the show from the very beginning? Congratulations, you’re old.

The Lost reunion promoted a large number of audience members to come dressed in costume, which were all great, especially with one man even showboating his authentic original Jack Dharma Initiative workmans outfit prop. The original costumes also brought out their own interesting questions for the cast.

As the night went on, the cast discussed their theories for how they thought show would end, whilst they were filming. The series creators also explained some of the untold mysteries in the iconic Lost way, by satisfying you without the answer. One of the things not discussed throughout the night included missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which has disappeared in a strangely similar way to Losts Oceanic flight. Jack and Kate were also not discussed mainly as their cast member counterparts Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly were unable to attend the reunion.

The highlights from the panel have been transcribed for all you Lost fans hanging on out there, just below.

One of the main highlights of the evening, was when the cast talked about just what they took with them off the set with them. Still being quiet and cautious with the presence of ABC executives Damon Lindelof said “Maybe the cover of the hatch fell off the truck. So I was like, Oh This fell off a truck, maybe I’ll keep it and make it into a coffee table.” Jorge Garcia better known as the beloved Hurley revealed that he has some paintings from the Lost mental institution or ones that looks some what similar. Series writer and producer Carlton Cuse said that he had the the hatch countdown clock but it was mailed to him anonymously and Season one’s Boone said he took “his dignity.

Talking about the series unanswered questions Cuse said “Every question begets a question, there wasn’t a way to answer all the questions without it feeling very didactic and boring.” Lindelof also said, when asked about just who was shooting in the Outrigger scene, “the scene exists, it is on paper,” but never filmed. Lindelof also said that there were some scenes that were only written answer and that some of the very mysterious questions especially relating to the time travel sequences are locked away at ABC, but they might one day be “auctioned” off “for charity“.

Lindelof then went on to say that the crash survivors were not dead for the whole time they were on the island and that the finale’s final sequence of the footage shown from the plane wreckage was meant to show that they did in fact in reality crash on the island and that it exists.

The final highlight of the night was when Lindelof and Cuse talked about the show being on network television and not cable. Lindelof said “Doing it any differently than we did it would have resulted in a different show“. Although he continued to say it would’ve been nice to not have to limit Sawyer to saying son of a b*tch, holy f*ck” would have been a better.

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