PaleyFest: How I Met Your Mother Cast Discuss Their Last Moments

The How I Met Your Mother cast descended upon the PaleyFest TV festival last night at the Dolby Theater in all forms. As although unable to attend, due to his latest New York Broadway musical, Neil Patrick Harris still managed opened the panel from across the country with a topless and drunk skype chat.

The How I Met Your Mother cast joined fans at Paleyfest to discuss their final moments on the series, as the much beloved show is finally concluding in the coming weeks after a stunning nine seasons and over 200 episodes, or in the series creators words “nine f***ing years”. The cast also discussed, lightly, the season finale. The ending to this chronicle of insanely hilarious comedy airs as a two part hour long goodbye on March 31st.

The panel at the fest included most of the shows lead cast and creators although while the most recognizable where flaunted in front of the audience most of the costume designers, prop-masters, set decorators sat amongst the large audience crowd in support.

The highlights from the panel have been transcribed for all you How I Met Your Mother fans out there, just below.

The greatest highlight of the panel was undoubtedly the comedy from Neil Patrick Harris’ entrance to the final question.

After the comedy the questions because more finale targeted. Especially with all the swarming rumours circling the finale, the most discussed is that the mother portrayed by Cristin Milioti dies at the end of the finale episode. While the cast talked about their characters, it was asked “Would you really kill off the mother?” the creator simply had but one line to say to roaring fans hoping to hear some spoilers for the finale, “We’re wildly excited about the finale, and it’s great, but obviously we can’t say anything. I wish we could, I wish we could tell you what’s gonna happen.”” Although with only half a month to go we wont have to wait long to see just how the shows characters will be left as the series leaves the world of television. The only secret that has made is off the finale set is that just before filming began on the final episode everyone received a specially made Kleenex that read “Let It All Out. No Questions Asked”.

The shows creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas continued to say that “I don’t know how you do anything after this kind of experience. Craig and I, most showrunners don’t stay with a show for nine years, and it’s kind of crazy in a lot of ways, but it’s like, what else could you possibly want to do other than this?

After the cast shared their tear eyed on set stories, Thomas said what he thought “one of the great things about ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is it’s surprising, It does super weird things at times and thank you guys for going with it. What a weird show it is.

One of the other highlights of the night was when it was asked just what’s next for co-creators they said that they are currently hard at work on the pilot for their new spinoff show “How I Met Your Dad,” although it is unclear if any lead cast members from How I Met Your Mother will be starring in the spinoff. However, it has been announced that Frances Ha’s Greta Gerwig will be staring.

The final highlight of the night was when the cast and crew members said their goodbyes including series director Pam Fryman as she talked about what she is now saying “It’s pilot season so I’m out there trying to create magic but I’ll never recreate this”.

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