PaleyFest: Orange Is the New Black Cast Discusses Second Season

Last night, the second panel of the PaleyFest TV festival at the Dolby Theater featured the gathering of the entire cast of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ along with Taylor Schilling, Jason Biggs and the series creator Jenji Kohan making it one of the biggest panels at the fest ever with Jason Biggs having to enhance his hearing from the opposite end of the stage. All of the cast were extremely excited as they prepare for the launch of their second Netflix season on June 6th.

The shows cast discussed their innermost relationships with their characters and the relatability of the entire series. The cast also talked about what its like being on one of the first shows on Netflix and the just the thrill of launching this new binge “era”, with some cast members describing it a the new “wave” of television.

The panel at the fest as well as being packed with humor and House Of Cards discussions also welcomed a special cast member Lorraine Toussaint, debuting her new role as Vee in the shows second season. While discussing the second season, the cast gave the fans just one answer as to not give away too many spoilers upcoming season saying the back stories of most of the characters which we have only seen from their present state would be revealed in the show’s new innovative flashback style.

The highlights from the panel have been transcribed for all you orange fans out there, just below.

The main highlights of the night was when very obviously when the cast talked about the shows second season firstly introducing a new character to Litchfield who upsets the lives of all of the inmates — the “street-wise drug maven” called Vee, played by Lorraine Toussaint. The other second season moment of the panel was when creator Jenji Kohan talked about the second seasons tone saying that it will include flashbacks saying that the characters backstories that will be getting the most attention include “Lorna, the nun, Taystee, Poussey and Miss Rosa.

Kohan continued to say that their are more although “I forget. I’ve been in editing for weeks. There’s also so much that we don’t cover because there’s just not enough time.” The cast went on to say that most of them did and still don’t actually know how their characters ended up behind bars. One of the main characters that fans are hoping to see the backstory of is Red with alot of ‘What Red Did’ theories circling the web. Although when Kohan was asked about Red’s history by Mulgrew, Kohan said “I do know what you did,” she said that “I wrote the scene and I threw it away, because it didn’t matter.” Although she added that she “I can always bring it back!” so we could see it this season. However it is more likely that we will find out just what Red did in the third season of the show.

While talking about their characters in the first season Danielle Brooks talked about just how she and the audience of the series related to the inmates saying “There’s women out there that are like Taystee, It’s about telling a true story and giving voice to those that do not have a voice, and I think that’s what we’re all doing.

One of the other highlights of the night was when it was asked if Kohan would be expanding on the world of Piper Kerman’s autobiographical book, Kohan said, “When we started Season 1, legal said, You can’t use any of the characters in the book because Piper’s the only one who signed a release. So the thing very quickly became its on animal.” she continued to say “Season 2 is more; it’s all the little details you wanna know about.

The final highlight of the night was the most hilarious, when an audience member first congratulated the cast on the “amazing” job “showing diversity”. Then the audience member asked the cast “which of your fellow cast members would you make your prison wife?” and Taylor Schilling better known as Piper Chapman said “everyone”, Laverne Cox said “Alex” and Alex said “polygamy”.

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