PaleyFest: The Vampire Diaries Cast Discuss Loves, Deaths and Twitter

The cast and producers of The Vampire Diaries, along with the legend, the creator Julie Plec, appeared in front of a swarm of screaming fans for the annual PaleyFest TV festival last night at the Dolby Theater.

If you haven’t seen the show the series follows Mystic falls which becomes the target town for vampires with the return of Stefan & Damon Salvatore. Stefan, the controlled brother who’s focused on his humanity, enrolls at high school attempting a normal life whereas his brother Damon, the dashing, gorgeous, irresistible and dangerous brother makes Stefan’s life a misery while trying to steal his girlfriend, Elena, along the way. With the confusing emotions, deceiving acts and hidden talents, comes a deep history from 1864 that Damon is determined to overcome by rescuing the Salvatore brothers’ old love, Katherine, with the help of Elena’s witch friend.

The panel at the fest joined the cast as they discussed and they discussed just how much they listen to the fans of the show.

The highlights from the panel have been transcribed for all you Vampire Diaries fans out there, just below.

One of the main highlights of the evening was when it was said don’t get attached to any new characters Plec said “Most new characters are created to die.”

Talking about whether Katherine is really gone executive producer Caroline Dries said “We really wanted to pay off her character by giving her the most epic death possible, I would say never say never.” Plec then went on to say, when asked if Caroline will ever move over to The Originals “I think Caroline Forbes is such a crucial, crucial element as a sparkly personality, as a beautiful soul, as a fascinating character on The Vampire Diaries, and I think taking her off that show would be very damaging to the show whether or not we want to see these two together.”

Plec then went on to talk about the future of Delena saying “They’ve got to have a lot of actual, legit, grown-up conversations, We just want to try to play them as human as possible, in spite of their inhuman experience.” Ian Somerhalder also said and noted the flaw in that plan, which was that “they keep taking their pants off, and that’s what gets in the way of the grown-up conversations.”

The final highlight of the night, was when the cast discussed just how much they listen to the fans of the show with Plec saying “Your Twitter pleas do not go unnoticed we do hear and see the requests for certain things and if I didn’t think they would kill us for writing a winter rain kiss then it would have happened a long time ago”. Although she did talk about how they won’t let a certain demographic or voice change the writers general view of where the series is going unless they agree. Plec said “It’s cyclical. It’s all part of their journey with one another. If we let one voice affect us too much, then we’re not being honest to the story.”

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