Sundance Review: The Voices

A pitch black comedic horror with a thrilling twist of savage insanity. Ryan Reynolds portrays everyday factory worker Jerry Hickfang, whilst working at a bathtub factory Jerry gradually falls deeply in love with the british chick from accounting Fiona until the point where Jerry sets a date with Fiona and she stands him up. Although to her surprise, after he was sitting in a restaurant being stood up for hours, Jerry comes to rescue Fiona from her broken down car.

Now while Jerry is a seemingly normal man, journeying into his schizophrenic world is not for the faint hearted. Especially considering what happens next as whilst driving through a dark forest Jerry runs down a deer that consequently asks Jerry to end its suffering – by slitting its throat. Then subsequently leading Jerry to accidentally stab Fiona, whilst she was running into the woods. In shock Jerry’s unnatural response to accidentally murdering his office date, is fleeing the scene of the crime right back to his apartment, where he sits down to confesses his horrific act to his pets, the evil minded cat Mr. Whiskers and his heart loving dog Bosco, not surprisingly they talk back — ultimately leading Jerry to his new hobby entailing the work of a deranged serial-killer.

Jerry then being fueled by his wickedly voiced cat decides to take the drugs given to him by his shrink. The drugs give him a horrific reality shock as the light and fruitful world around him crumbles into a blur leaving him to finally see the blood, limb and trash covered apartment he calls his home for the first time. As he awakens back into his fantasy version of the world he quickly gets rid of the pills and plans his next murder which the cat has said will make him feel more alive.

Ryan Reynolds performance is intensely remarkable, continuing his dedication to independent film as alongside his portrayal of Jerry Hickfang, he has also taken up voicing the characters of Jerry’s disembodied morality, Mr. Whiskers, Bosco, the rundown Deer and Jerry’s childhood sock buddy Bunny Monkey. Beside Reynolds the insanely wild world of Jerry, has been brought to life though the strange combination of screenwriter Michael R. Perry and director Marjane Satrapi, previously directed the animated war drama Persepolis, both of which have tapped into all their dark energy for this brilliant horror production.

Given the alienated and terrific reaction from audiences at the Sundance and Sundance London Film Festivals, the genre half-breed is definitely going to be heading to a group of film festivals with midnight selections as the year progresses — with its initial release not until October 3rd in Sweden. In the US ‘The Voices’ will most likely receive a digital release from its distributor Lionsgate, mostly given because unless drastically cut the feature production will undoubtedly receive a very high classification – therefore limiting the theaters that will be willing to screen this psycho comedy.

Venue: Sundance London Film Festival | Production: 1984 Private Defense Contractors, Mandalay Vision, Studio Babelsberg, Vertigo Entertainment | Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick, Jacki Weaver | US Distribution: Lionsgate Entertainment | Rating: TBC | Runtime: 102 minutes

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