Toronto Review: You Are Here

Classic comedy comics collide on screen as Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis perform in You Are Here a hilarious comedy filled with utterly unforgettable moments.

You Are Here focuses on a family that is overturned after the passing of their estranged father and gradually descends into an insane craze after they learn that the deranged hillbilly Ben Baker has inherited all of the money, land and possessions from his recently deceased father. Ben and his childhood friend weatherman Steve Dallas embark on a vacation back to their hometown, only for Steve to discover that Ben has created a crazy plan to waste away all of his inheritance. Which leaves only Steve and the young, Amish, Widow Angelina to talk him out of it all whilst Ben’s enraged sister and her lawyer attempts to disinherit him to save her father’s life work.

Director Matthew Weiner although a veteran TV producer partaking in Emmy Award winning shows including Mad Men and The Sopranos he has only just made his breakthrough into the world of feature filmmaking as he has taken the directing reins for this new coming of life comedy. Although he has not yet worked on a feature Matthew has previously directed six episodes of Mad Men and has certainly brought all his experience with him for You Are Here which features a comedic and cinematic style similar to 2010s greatest wild comedy Due Date.

You Are Here made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival where it was extremely well received and beloved by audiences. You Are Here although a very strong festival attraction currently has no release date and sadly left the festival without a distributor although is certainly in the running to be snapped up and possibly making its way to cinemas in the dawn of the coming year. You Are Here made its gala premiere at the Toronto Film Festival’s Ryerson Theatre on September 7th with comedic legend Owen Wilson in attendance and was considered to be one of the comedy genres centerpieces of the Fest.

Audiences should expect a wild and surprisingly emotional ride. The film also keeps in touch with nature being filmed all over North Carolina, USA around June last year and has captured the scenic landscapes of the area surprisingly well for a road trip styled comedy.

For all wild comedy, Hangover and Due Date fans this is one add to your watch list for the coming year.

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