Ant-Man’s Ant Army Rolls Out The Red Carpet In London

There was nothing small-scale about the premiere for Marvel’s littlest superhero, Ant-Man, with the stars all beaming as they greeted the fans last night. Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Michael Pena and director Peyton Reed walked the ant-infested red carpet surrounded by the roars of Marvel fans who seemed to have forgotten all about Ant-Man’s troubled past, most notably the last-minute departure of original director Edgar Wright.

Still, Paul Rudd charmed the crowds with ease, Michael Douglas showed off his family, and Peyton Reed won over anyone still wondering how he dare take the beloved Edgar Wright’s job as director. We spoke to the stars and the director on the red carpet to find out more about the movie, the potential for sequels and Ant-Man joining the Avengers.


Beneath all the action is this a story of redemption?Yeah, redemption is a theme of the film and second chances and trying to live in a noble way and make the right decisions.

What was the process of your involvement in the writing of Ant-Man like?It was a lot of fun. I love working with Adam McKay who I’ve worked with before on Anchorman although this was in a different kind of way. But I really enjoyed it.

How did it feel to go up against an Avenger and how do you feel about joining the team in the future?I went and shot some stuff for Captain America 3 and it made this whole joining the Marvel Universe thing even more surreal and exciting than doing this movie was. All of a sudden I’m just standing around with people who I’ve seen in Avengers movies. It was really cool.


How was it for you becoming part of the Marvel universe?This was something that I’d waited a long time for. This is actually the first time anyone’s asked me to be in one of these comic book superhero movies. But the Marvel family is unbelievable. I think Ant-Man for all those Marvel fans out there are really going to enjoy this. The action is quite incredible. Peyton Reed our director did a wonderful, wonderful job. Paul Rudd, Michael Pena, they’re very funny!

Your kids are here. How excited are they that you’re in a Marvel movie?This is like the first movie in my career to them. There was a few years there where I had a few R-rated movies that they weren’t able to see. I have to acknowledge my son Dylan who when the first script arrived, he said ‘don’t even bother to look at it Dad, just do it!’. There’s a whole new audience out there so I’m looking forward to it.


What was your experience like working on this movie?Well it was amazing because it was like really loose. And I guess that’s how Marvel keeps it. Even in the action sequences, this is more like a heist movie. Really fun, kind of like a crowd pleaser we hope.

How did you prepare for the movie and your role as Luis?I watched a lot of Marvel movies! Basically I really watched a lot of Iron Man because there’s a lot of humour in those. I was actually imitating someone for this part. I hope it works out!

Are you looking forward to being in any further ones?I pray to God!


How exciting is it for you to actually direct this movie and to be here?Well it’s just the best. I mean to see the movie with audiences is just fantastic. The Marvel fans are just the most passionate fans out there. I’m excited!

How is Ant-Man different from all the other Marvel superheroes?Ant-Man’s got some kind of weird powers. He can shrink down really quickly but his other power is that he can control ants. He can control armies of ants.

How challenging was it creating the ant world of the movie?It was really fun to play with scale in the movie. There’s a train sequence and we’re down in it and the hero and the villain are fighting on top of a train and then we pull back and we see that it’s going on in the corner of a bedroom.

How was it trying to integrate Ant-Man with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?I love Ant-Man and I love his character so I felt a real responsibility to make the movie version as great as possible.

How did you go about casting these characters?Well it was tricky as these are characters with a very uneasy alliance. At the beginning of the movie, Hank Pym and Hope have a very tricky relationship. They’ve been estranged for a while and now they’ve been brought back together to stop something from happening. The fun thing is that the solution is right under his nose, it’s his daughter. He just can’t see it yet.

You’re not a big fan of 3D so how was making Ant-Man in this format?It’s not so much that I don’t like 3D. I love what 3D can be. And now we have the technology to make the image brighter. That used to bug me that it was very dim, but now they’re able to make it brighter! Also if there was ever a movie designed to be 3D, it’s Ant-Man because we’re playing with issues of scale and perspective and it’s so suited to 3 D, it really enhances it.

Was it difficult adjusting to making a heist movie after your previous films?I loved it. There’s a lot of similarities between the rhythms of a heist movie and the rhythm of comedy. And particularly the kind of comedies that I’ve done. Bring it On, my first movie was a cheerleader comedy but there was a lot of choreography and a lot of kinetic camera movement. Same with Down With Love, my second movie. There’s just a lot more visual effects in this movie.

Are you looking forward to potentially doing a sequel?Listen, if people enjoy our movie and there’s a chance to do another one, I’d love to. I fell in love with these characters and there’s a lot more story to tell.

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