Box Office Report: The Age of Adaline Battles Against Furious 7

While The Avengers Age of Ultron may have been the biggest release worldwide this weekend, with it still just less than a week away from opening in North America there is still a bigger domestic success story to discuss this weekend.

The big new release in North America this weekend was Blake Lively’s The Age of Adaline. It managed $13.4 million, putting it in third place behind Furious 7 and Paul Blart but it will struggle to maintain that when Age of Ultron opens this weekend.

However, while Furious 7 took the box office reign for the fourth weekend, it conceded Friday’s box office battle to Age of Adaline. Adaline totalled $4.96 million on Friday ahead of Furious 7 not far behind with $4.8 million.

Furious 7 continues to guzzle box office dollars around the world, after making it to a billion dollars just from overseas audiences. Combined with its domestic total, Furious 7 may end up taking more revenue than the Avengers in 2012 and therefore become the third highest grossing film of all time at the worldwide box office. Furious 7 has already risen to the third highest overseas grossing production, this weekend surpassing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Currently James Cameron’s Titanic and Avatar still look pretty untouchable, sitting safe at the top of the box office ladder with over $2 billion each.

However, Marvel’s 2012 Avengers movie is still managing to cling to third place for now but there is a good chance that the sequel could smash all records like the Hulk smashes city streets. Unsurprisingly, Age of Ultron was number one in every territory where it was released this weekend, including the UK. It has stormed its way to a $201.2 million opening at the worldwide box office, exceeding even if its predecessor. It will be interesting to see what kind of damage this does to the chances of Furious 7 taking The Avengers out of the number three spot. Age of Ultron is likely to push both its predecessor and Furious 7 a little further down the ladder once it has finished stomping on the rest of its competition.

If Furious 7 is anything to go by, the key date to consider here is May 12th when Age of Ultron is due to be released in China. The market for Hollywood movies has been growing and growing in China in recent years but now the likes of Furious 7 and Transformers Age of Extinction are getting a remarkable boost from their China profits. Furious 7 is likely to become the biggest film ever in China, surpassing Age of Extinction before the end of its run. Age of Ultron will undoubtedly follow suit, so it is worth watching carefully, particularly to see if it can come close to taking down James Cameron’s films that currently sit comfortably in their private $2 billion ranks.

Elsewhere this weekend, some other films did surprisingly manage to make some money despite trying to square off against Furious 7 in America and Age of Ultron in other territories. With no Age of Ultron to worry about in North America this weekend, the Paul Blart: Mall Cop sequel kept pulling in decent crowds and has now made back double its production budget, but this is likely to be the week when it starts to drop off significantly and Sony decide to put the franchise to rest.

Any other new releases positively died at the box office over the weekend, so it was left to Dreamworks’ animated Home and low budget social media horror Unfriended to round out the remaining positions in the top five. It’s also fantastic to see Alex Garland’s science fiction drama Ex Machina at number 6, though with Ultron on his way, there may not be room for anymore artificial intelligence robots in the top ten next weekend.

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