Box Office Report: Lego Movie Brickbuster Draws $180 Million Gross

The LEGO Movie has spent its second week at the number one spot, building on its opening weekend success and taking it to a worldwide total of over $180 million. At this rate the animated film is all set to rake in plenty over $200 million in North America alone, particularly if its box office figures continue to fall slowly week after week. The LEGO Movie has also become the biggest film of the year so far, with a considerably larger haul than its nearest competitors Ride Along and The Nut Job.

About Last Night, a romantic comedy remake starring Kevin Hart opened on Valentine’s Day and went straight to number two in the box office charts, pulling in over double its budget and buoyed no doubt by its date movie appeal. Similarly, another remake of a soppy 80s romance, Endless Love, also opened on Valentine’s Day and managed to make over $13 million, putting it at the number five spot.

RoboCop, yet another 80s remake, albeit one far less tailored to the average Valentine’s Day audience fared better than Endless Love and hit the number three spot making over $26 million. Added to its international take, the film is heading towards being profitable but with a $100 million budget, it’s far from the success Sony would have been hoping for.

Another film that has not been helped much by middling reviews is George Clooney’s star studded The Monuments Men. On its second weekend on release, the film only made $15 million and though this was enough to put it in the number four spot, it has still not managed to make back its $70 million budget. However it is also Clooney’s biggest film as director so far.

Ride Along is still in the top 10 at number six this weekend even after five weeks on release. It outperformed Winter’s Tale which opened this weekend at number seven, making a miserable $7.7 million despite the star power of Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe. Like Ride Along, Frozen and Lone Survivor are still hanging around the top ten after many weeks on release. To round out the top ten, That Awkward Moment slipped from the number six spot last week after only three weeks on release.

Without any major competition, will The LEGO Movie keep hold of the number one spot for a third weekend in a row?

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