Box Office Report: Thor’s Opening Weekend Hammers Into $85 Million

Thor: The Dark World has flown into first place this weekend, smashing the competition and riding high on the coattails of both the success of The Avengers and Iron Man 3. It bodes well for fellow Avenger Captain America’s own upcoming sequel if the individuals that comprise the super team can all get a boost off the back of being in the most successful superhero film ever.

Thor: The Dark World is expected to take over $85 million at the domestic box office on its first weekend on release. That might be less than half of what Iron Man 3 made on its opening weekend but it is still considerably more than the first Thor film made when it was released. This domestic take is of course after the sequel has already made over $240 million worldwide where it was released in many places before the US.

There were no other new entries to the top 10 of the box office charts this weekend but Free Birds, Last Vegas and Ender’s Game all managed to stay high in the charts on their second weeks of release. Only Last Vegas out of these three has approached profitable territory with Ender’s Game doing poorly across the world, including America where it has not even made back half of its huge production $110 million budget.

The big success story of the past few weeks is Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa which even after three weeks on release is still at number two in the charts this weekend and now hitting the $100 million mark off the back of a paltry $15 million budget.

Gravity meanwhile is being pulled slowly down the charts slipping from number 5 to number 6 this week but it is still riding high from a wave of ecstatic critic’s reviews and since being released has made over 4 times its $100 million budget back. Similarly Captain Philips is now sinking down the charts slowly but has made over $146 million worldwide, making it very profitable for Columbia Pictures.

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