Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

A war with Shield, like you’ve never seen it before and never will again.

After the first avenger Captain America made his debut appearance in 2011, we watched him destroy an entire hellbent Nazi organisation known by the name of Hydra. However, now 70 years later Shield is compromised leading Nick Fury to become a fugitive from Shield being hunted by the finest soldiers, all of which have been manipulated into believing that Fury has become a traitor. After Fury perishes at the hand of the brutality savage assassin of myth and legend The Winter Soldier. The World Security Council’s leader Alexander Pierce quietly activates a plan, a parasite forged with the creation of Shield itself over 50 years ago, to take control of the freedom of the world.

Although, after Pierce’s failed assassination attempt on Captain America, Black Widow, and Sam Wilson better known as The Falcon join forces to rival against Pierce in a struggle to regain control of S.H.I.E.L.D., saving the planet and exposing the conspiracy. All leading to a cataclysmic, breathtaking ending as the launch of three helicarriers, each with inexhaustible propulsion systems and an armada of weapons, will shift the center of history ripping peoples freedoms from them and tearing down the walls of government to create and evilly centered new world order.

Almost everything in the Avengers universe has collided into this explosive, destructive and CGI marvel of feature with a cast just as thrilling with Robert Redford portraying his first significant character in a franchise as the psychopath leader Alexander Pierce. Along with and two new characters brought to life from the pages of the Marvel comics daughter of Captain Americas sidekicks Peggy from 70 years ago, Sharon Carter also known as Agent 13 and Sam Wilson better known as The Falcon. In addition to the franchise regulars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff ‘Black Widow’ and the returning yet fundamentally changed Bucky Barnes portrayed by Sebastian Stan.

The feature directed by Joe and Anthony Russo is superbly sensational and is also a spectacle for visual effects featuring more advanced CGI than was demonstrated and used in Avengers Assemble. The Russos build upon the groundwork of modern day espionage, from Julian Assange to everyday whistleblowers, taking a considerable amount of inspiration from classics like ‘War Games’, ‘The Manhattan Project’ and the 1992 Robert Redford picture ‘Sneakers’, complicating them into a thriller that is also unique even to the absurd comic life of the Marvel universe.

As to leading into the Avengers sequel entitled Age of Ultron Captain America The Winter Soldier very much lays the groundwork for its following Marvel counterpart. However, even with the insight shed from Winter Soldier it is still almost impossible to predict the plot of Ultron and it should be interesting to see what becomes of the Agents of Shield.

“So this is how it ends everything goes” With consistent plot runners, action sequences and discrete it is a brilliant film to see if you like to be engaged head on for the entire film. This is definitely most unmissable film of the year and its certainly one that no Marvel fan will want to wait to see. Captain America will be released in the UK on March 26th and in the US on April 4th.

Watch the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier below.

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