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Dial up with Downloaded and take a dive into the elusive world of Napster from its humble beginnings to its immensely pubic demise. This sensational documentary gives you an inside look at Napster with the guidance of a handful of its founders. Downloaded takes us through Napster’s legal battle against the music industry along with some of its successes including pathing the way for a startup band going by the name Dispatch to become praised by millions of fans on the golden coast.

Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker take us through their history at Napster including what their lives were like before starting a revolution that changed the world wide web for the foreseeable future making file sharing a viable business and creating the yellow brick road for other revolutionary leading sites including The Pirate Bay, WikiLeaks and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Shawn Fanning is seen in two simply divided ways some see him as the creator of the social, transparent and digital world although others including the world famed Metallica see him as the leader in the new world of piracy and online music transfer which including iTunes is destroying the record industry.

Created by Alex Winter, while not previously directed a documentary and while this might not be a rival for the hollywood style retelling of the story of Facebook although it uses courtroom footage along with previous interviews to show how Napster’s founders and the Napster downloaders moods, opinions and input into the physical world changed as matters progressed in the battle for the internet as a haven for pirates or as a new ground for a international governed web. Although this feature it also the evolving world of downloads and just how it has shaped today’s platforms like Spotify and Netflix which have conformed to laws and to helping the industry whilst also giving free or cheaply accessible data.

This is a perfect must see for any and all computer geniuses, following the battle between Napster and the RIAA this documentary reveals all the hidden secrets, milestones and downfalls of the Record industry and the creator of the MP3 that is better known by his tag Napster. Downloaded also gives us a unseen glimpse at Shawn Fanning’s life pre and post Napster including what became of Shawn’s life after he was removed from the company that he created the framework its success was built on. Explore the dawn of the modern internet through the minds and voices of its unproclaimed founders in Downloaded coming soon to the UK and out now nationwide in the US.

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