George Lucas’ Museum of Narrative Art To Open In Los Angeles

From the treacherous waters through which George Lucas’ Museum of Narrative Art has been dragged finally emerges a plan and a new home.

While the hopeful years have passed with the planned $1 billion project moving from city to city. First being forced to move to Chicago from San Francisco in mid-2014 following a $700 million proposal being rejected by the Presidio Trust to build the museum on bayside parkland in the Presidio. Then finally being driven from Chicago in early 2016 despite support of the city’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This was due to a legal case from local Chicago activists and a group called ‘Friends of the Parks’ that sought to protect Chicago’s waterfront.

Now “after extensive due diligence and deliberation” according to the Board of Directors for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, the Board has announce plans to build the museum in Exposition Park in Los Angeles. The board in a statement continued to comment on the move saying they “have been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive support we received from both San Francisco and Los Angeles during our selection process. Settling on a location proved to be an extremely difficult decision precisely because of the desirability of both sites and cities.

The Museum, which will be designed by Ma Yansong of MAD Architects, is one of the projects that George Lucas has taken on in the wake of the $4.06 Billion acquisition of Lucasfilm by The Walt Disney Company back in December 2012.

The Museum of Narrative Art will house items from Lucas’ sizable personal art collection along with Norman Rockwell illustrations, paintings, photography and works by N.C. Wyeth, Jacob Lawrence and R. Crumb. The Museum is also planned to explore the history of film, hosting screenings, lectures and workshops. Overall the Museum is sure to be very varied with the bounds of the housed artworks already appearing to be quite broad considering narrative art is defined as any art that tells a story, either as a moment in an ongoing story or as a sequence of events unfolding over time.

The current design will also create an added green space of approximately 6–7 acres with the parking to accommodate approximately 1800 vehicles and the interior spaces adding up to approximately 275,000 Square Feet.

The statement by the board also stumbles into talking about how the decision was made for Los Angeles saying “while each location offers many unique and wonderful attributes, South Los Angeles’ Promise Zone best positions the museum to have the greatest impact on the broader community, fulfilling our goal of inspiring, engaging and educating a broad and diverse visitorship. Exposition Park is a magnet for the region and accessible from all parts of the city.

Continuing on the subject of the community the board said “as a museum uniquely focused on narrative art, we look forward to becoming part of a dynamic museum community, surrounded by more than 100 elementary and high schools, one of the country’s leading universities as well as three other world-class museums. Now we turn our attention to finalizing the details and building what we believe will be one of the most imaginative and inclusive art museums in the world—a global destination that all Angelenos and Californians will be proud to call their own.

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