‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ Sequel Set For Christmas Release

Paramount distribution and MGM studios have after much anticipation, finally announced the release date for the sequel to the 2010 time travel comedy “Hot Tub Time Machine”. The comedy will receive a wide theatrical release on Christmas day, December 25, 2014.

Despite the conclusion to the first Hot Tub Time Machine movie, after the $50.3 million domestic gross in 2010 the studio has been planning a sequel hoping for continuing success of the franchise. However with the original director Steve Pink and screenwriter Josh Heald returning for the sequel it is defiantly not one to overlook next Christmas season.

Other returning lead cast members include Clark Duke, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Collette Wolfe, and Chevy Chase. New actors cast to join the blooming comedy franchise include ‘Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott and ‘Community’s Gillian Jacobs set to play the follow-ups Female Lead. The only lead cast member that has not currently been confirmed to be returning to the sequel is John Cusack who previously played Adam in the first Hot Tub movie.

Based of the casting of the sequel it appears that the sequel will involve some sort of wedding sequence with Tiffany McEvers, Kisha Sierra, and Olivia Jordan already cast as bridesmaids in the film.

Current rivals at the Christmas Box Office for the Paramount distributed Hot Tub Time Machine sequel include Disney musical Into the Woods and the Universal production of Angelina Jolie’s World War II drama Unbroken which are both slated for the same release date.

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