‘The Intern’ Premiere Lures Anne Hathaway & Robert De Niro To London

‘The Intern’ starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro had its European Premiere last night in London. Both the lead stars and Wendy Meyers, the writer and director of the film, were in attendance. All of them were present to experience yet another of Wendy’s beautiful motion pictures. A lot of time was dedicated to the fans, both actors staying overtime to sign cards and take photos with people from the huge crowd that gathered in Leicester Square.

Anne Hathaway

What was is about Nancy’s script that really attracted you to it?Honestly, I wanted to see a movie with my family and we couldn’t find something anything and then this turned up so yes, in a way, that did it. And then Bob [Robert De Niro] was in it and I was pretty hooked.

Your role is a strong woman, is it important for you in Hollywood and for women to get strong, leading roles?I think it should be important for everyone. Woman make up half the population and we only have 30% of the speaking roles in Hollywood films. I think that we can do better. It feels like things are changing for the better and I couldn’t be happier.

This is quite a different role and film than your usually involved with, can we expect this from you in the future?I sort of hope you would expect everything from me. It is true I lived in kind of a sad tragedy world for a few years, but I was really in the mood to do a comedy. My favourite thing about what I do is the variety that comes with it. My next movie is an existential monster movie, so yes I am trying to shake it up and be the best actor I can.

What was it like working with Robert De Niro?It was a real joy. He is very quiet when you first meet him and he takes his work very seriously. And with time warmth developed and we got along amazingly.

Nancy Meyers

How did Robert get interested in this movie?I sent him the screenplay and he just said yes.

Could you tells us a bit about that period of your life?I’ve never had an internship because when I started and was right out of the school, they didn’t have this. You would become an assistant or secretary or receptionist and I had those.

Were there any scenes that didn’t make the final cut?No, pretty much everything shot got in the final version of the film.

What was the greatest challenge for you when making this film?The greatest challenge was probably the time, you usually have a limited amount of time to get all the scenes done so you have to make it happen and power through it. But no challenge in terms of the performance.

Robert De Niro

What was it that attracted you to the script?It was a very nice one and she particularly wanted me for the part and I know that she must have a good reason for that. So I just had to say yes.

What did you like about your character?He is old school, simple, it shows another way of youth and wisdom over youth and technology.

What was it like working with Anne Hathaway?It was really great. She’s really professional and very sweet and she cares about her work. We had a truly terrific time.

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