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Here’s to the famous words, to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, Here’s to the ones who see things differently lets celebrate as the new biopic depicting Steve Job’s episode of inventing Apple is finally released into theaters.

The biopic Jobs follows the life of Steve Jobs sensationally played by Ashton Kutcher through his affair with Apple from Steve’s first days as a college dropout passing through his time in India along through his days downsized to leading the Macintosh project even following his time over ten years where he was forced out from Apple all the way till his return to Apple Computers which leads him into becoming one of the greatest motivated creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century. The movie not only follows Jobs but also partly the life of his co-workers and collaborators including two other now Apple icons Steve Wozniak and towards the end quarter of the biopic Jonathan Ive.

The fans expectations for Jobs especially after the screening of the film at the 29th Sundance Film Festival rocketed and anticipation for the biopic soared although a mixed amount of the fans still couldn’t believe that Ashton Kutcher could carry out the role as Steve Jobs. Although I can certainly say that Ashton Kutcher was the best casting call made this year as Kutcher almost becomes Jobs for the role then combined with some of Jobs most memorable lines and Job’s limitless outlook on the world Kutcher has given a sensational award winning performance and has proven that he can be a serious actor compared to just playing a comedic character.

Joshua Michael Stern director of Jobs has made a truly moving biopic talking you inside the live, dream and creativity of a modern technology and innovation icon. Stern has let the audience see through the new age of computers through the shear aspirations and innovation of jobs along with Stern’s dramatic cinematic technique this biopic is more than moving its also extensively emotional on countless levels.

Jobs made its appearance on the festival scene at the 29th Sundance Film Festival earlier this year along with members of the cast and crew in attendance and was turned out to be the landmark and centerpiece of the festival line-up. The film also saw a not surprising warm welcome from its first audience anywhere and looking back on the reviews was also drastically enjoyed by almost all the critics saying not to underestimate Ashton Kutcher. The biopic Jobs although a indie festival favorite has also become a major anticipated blockbuster over the last couple of months. Despite the extensive runtime of two hours for a biopic of this scale it seems like under an hour as through the amazement of the audience you are almost drawn into the story.

For everyone who has ever aspired to or been inspired by the creativity and passion of Steve Jobs this is a definite picture to watch the next time you visit the theater.

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