Justice League Character Update

Now that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel has become a success, albeit a controversial one, it would appear that Warner Bros. will push forward with their superhero shared universe for DC Comics heroes in a similar way to Marvel’s own universe. While the Justice League is vast, with near enough every DC hero becoming a member at some point, we will concentrate on the first five as we run down our picks for who we think would bring the heroes to life on the big screen…

So it’s fairly safe to say there cannot be a Justice League without everyone’s favourite caped crusader, and following Christian Bale’s departure from the role after the phenomenal conclusion to The Dark Knight trilogy (although there are rumours of a return to the cape and cowl), it came to light that Warner Bros. want an actor in his mid-40s and that this Batman will be “a grizzled veteran” and with various names linked to the role including Ryan Gosling, Richard Armitage and just recently Orlando Bloom, ¬†we think the man for the job is Josh Brolin. He’s the right age and can certainly pull off being “a grizzled veteran”.
He’s also not too big of a name, and that would be the danger here; all the actors need to be on a level playing field with Henry Cavill career wise, otherwise the real problem would be a ‘Batman and his Super friends’ type film, and the idea would be to give then an equal share of screen time.

Wally West has long been destined for the big screen, and a Justice League film could be the perfect way to introduce the scarlet speedster, for his casting we’d go with Michael Rosenbaum, he voiced the character in various animated outings so he knows the character.

The Amazonian Princess has been tricky to place on the small screen, in recent years we’ve had two attempts and both have crashed and burned. While I do think that Adrianne Palicki was a fine choice, I think it would be best to go with a new actress to play her and she has already said she’d be interested in the role – Alexandra Daddario, she has a proven track record with action having starred in the Percy Jackson franchise as well as the latest entry in the Texas Chainsaw franchise.
Plus she’s old enough for the for the romance between Wonder Woman and Batman for it not to be weird, should the film go down that route.

OK so Green Lantern got a luke warm reception when it arrived in cinemas, so instead of having Ryan Reynolds back as Hal Jordan (he effectively ruled it out anyway), why not just go with another Lantern and go with John Stewart, and my top choice for the role would be Christopher Judge of Stargate SG1 fame.
He’s well versed with action and the world of the fantastical.

The last survivor of Mars, we certainly wouldn’t have a Justice League without J’onn J’onzz, and with that in mind there are two actors that I think would make a perfect Martian Manhunter and that would be Doug Jones (who is no stranger to motion capture and prosthetics) and Laurence Fishburne who has such an authoritative voice, he would certainly bring gravitas to the role.

So that’s who I’d chose, and I think they’d all play well on the big screen together, and who knows, if it’s a success it could pave the way for more heroes such as Green Arrow, Aquaman and Black Canary.

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