Marvel Phase 3: Could Marvel Unite Hollywood’s Legendary Rivalled Studios

Marvel’s universe is infinite and their movies have never been anything less. With their mind-bending plan spanning a decade they have crossed the line of Hollywood history more times than established studios have in the last hundred years. So to predict Marvel’s next phase, we have to think not just out of the box but beyond the box.

Ever from the billion dollar grossing Avengers to the first cinematic universe Marvel’s willingness to fail has made then the most triumphant success. So before we discuss just what Marvel could be holstering for their third phase, we are going to quickly recap Marvel’s first two phases perfectly synchronised amongst their cinematic universe.

Phase One2008 – 2012Marvels initiating phase was created and realised with the conceptualisation of a possible Avengers although until it was actually announced it was still considered impossible. Even despite the previous films in the Phase: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Phase Two – 2013 – 2015 – The second phase in the universe follows the development of the characters and is purposely meant to demonstrate the infinity of the Avengers’ encompassed franchises.

Phase Three – 2015 – ? – The secretive next phase of the Marvel universe is going to be kicked off with Ant Man and Marvel’s upcoming individual feature production of Deadpool which will be released towards the end of the phase is going to drive Fox studios in to the mix. If Marvel, Disney, Fox and Sony unite it will be one of the greatest, most ambitious movies in comic book history and while it seems impossible until 2008 so was a cinematic universe not to mention its box office potential will reign supreme with gross predictions ranging in the billions making it the first movie to cross over the two billion dollars line.

The third phase will also introduce a set of new TV series, most likely making their way to the ABC network and possibly Netflix, following the success of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D even despite the series’ recent declining ratings since the series premiere. The series are expected to include that of The Incredible Hulk, Jessica Jones and The Defenders.

As well as the TV series the movies of the third phase will also include the third instalments of Thor and Captain America. Although, we are also going to get our first instalment of Black Panther and Doctor Strange. Looking even further into the 2020’s where we will see the fourth instalment of the Marvel universe we will likely finally see Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Inhumans reincarnated on screen. looking in to the impossible window of time Marvel is most likely to look into adapting Ms. Marvel and rebirthing The Incredible Hulk with a sequel to the 2008 original. The ultimate truth is that Marvel’s cinematic universe could ultimately span decades – especially with reports that they have already planed up to 2028. Which would explain the way they studio has managed to not create one paradox or unexplainable un-linking scene.

Marvel has upped the stakes more than we could have ever imagined and with their seemingly infinite source materials Marvel has shifted the centre of Hollywood twice, do you think can they do it again or will they succumb to the unfortunate demise of the traditional Hollywood dynamic. Only time will tell.

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