Following The Leader As IMDb Closes Message Boards

“We would first like to wish IMDb’s Founder and CEO Col Needham a Happy 50th birthday.” – Tastic Film Editor-in-Chief James Rush.

IMDb has today announced the decision to close their message boards and private messaging system on February 20th, 2017.

This is only the latest member to join the group of authoritative online websites closing down their public commenting sectors. Vogue Magazine in the US has also recently removed its comments section from their articles and ourselves Tastic Film Magazine have also recently followed in their tracks.

In a statement, they cited that the reason, following an “in-depth discussion and examination“, was because they had “concluded that IMDb’s message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority of our more than 250 million monthly users worldwide.” The IMDb statement continued to say that the decision was made “based on data and traffic” and that a number of users have taken to the company’s social media accounts for such discussions.

Those described as the “passionate community of IMDb users” that frequent IMDb’s message boards can breathe a sign of relief for a short while. That’s since, for an additional two weeks, users will still have access to that sector of the site and time to archive any message board content they’d like to keep for personal use. The “two-week transition period” will last until February 19th, 2017, from that date users will no longer be able to send personal messages to one another.

IMDb’s most recent place in the headlines was to announce in January that the filmmaker Kevin Smith was to host four days of interviews at third annual IMDb Studio during the Sundance Film Festival.

At the end of the statement, IMDb says it is “passionately committed to providing innovative ways for our hundreds of millions of users to engage and communicate with one another. We will continue to enhance our current offerings and launch new features in 2017 and beyond that will help our customers communicate and express themselves in meaningful ways while leveraging emerging technologies and opportunities.

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