Q&A: Jon Favreau Discusses His Food Haven Of A Picture ‘Chef’

The legendary director, writer, actor and producer Jon Favreau, arrived in London yesterday for an exclusive screening and Q&A at the Soho Hotel for his latest food truck production ‘Chef’.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to see the culinary masterpiece the film follows Chef Carl Casper, portrayed by Jon Favreau, whose life as an over worked Los Angeles chef takes an unfortunate turn after an argument with his boss, played by Dustin Hoffman, leads his anger to burst out at a critic.

After his confrontation with the restaurant critic goes viral online he very quickly finds himself unemployable in the food business. After the the incident Carl’s ex-wife Vergara, brought to life by Sofia Vergara, attempts to get him to accompany her and his 11-year-old son on a journey back to where he begun his passion for cooking Miami. With his recently found internet celebrity, dwindling finances and help from his ex-wife’s ex-husband. Carl embarks on a road trip back to California in a food truck which also unexpectedly helps him reconnect with his son.

Throughout the Q&A Chef’s director, writer and star Jon Favreau discussed his passion for the film and the excitement he had on set making the feature.

The highlights from the Q&A have been transcribed, just below, for all you Favreau fans out there.

One of the main highlights of the night was when Jon Favreau talked about working with chef Roy Choi to not only make the food look real on screen but also make it taste as good as it looks. Jon talked about Roy saying “Well this guy Roy, he’s the one who started the whole food truck thing. I don’t know if its caught on [in the UK]. I know you have pop-up restaurants here, its similar type of thing. You know when a chef doesn’t want to pull the money together or can’t pull the money together but has a vision for what he wants to cook they’ll do an extremely small scale and thanks to social media word will get out and so you can have people doing a short-term pop-up restaurant or a food truck that people will follow around and if they come to the neighborhood its like the old icecream truck, instead its hipsters running down the street instead of children.

Favreau then talked about getting Roy Choi on board with the production, saying that Roy said he would “help [Jon] out but you’ve gotta get the kitchen stuff right, nobody does Hollywood always screws up movies about kitchens.” Jon then continued to say “The only American film that they like is Ratatouille.”

Jon then when onwards to discuss the social media aspect of the film saying “its part of our language now” and he continued to say that it was almost natural when writing the screenplay for Chef, Jon said it “just felt like, when I was writing, I just started writing in twitter and texting and all those things, not knowing how we would do it. Much like when I wrote ‘Swingers’ I had the answering machine because that was part of our lives then.

The final highlight of the night, was when Favreau joked about a sequel to Chef with Seth Rogen called “Sausage Fest” some sort of “Neighbors meets Chef” hybrid.

‘Chef’ the movie, which has already been released stateside, will be released in the UK on June 25th. You can read our review by clicking here.

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