Warner Brothers Already Planning ‘Lego Movie’ Sequel

The surefire success of The Lego Movie has already kick started a franchise, as Warner Bros are preemptively preparing a sequel for the recently released feature length animated adventure.

With a cast list of legends, including Liam Neeson as Bad Cop, Will Farrel as Lord “evil” Business and Morgan Freeman as an obviously Godlike character along with a book of batman puns, the film is almost guaranteed to blossom in to a brilliant movie franchise. Amusing they will all be returning to continue the tale for the follow ups.

According to reports Warner Brothers have already hired two Hollywood screenwriters to work on the sequel most likely in reaction to prediction that expect The Lego Movie’s opening weekend to take over $40 million at the US domestic Box Office. The screenwriters said to be involved with the sequel include The Internship’s Jared Stern along with Michelle Morgan writer of Girl Most Likely.

At the rate Warner Bros are reacting to this sudden bloom of success it could be less then a year before we see the next Lego Movie taking to the silver screen although critics doubts are already circling the sequel suggesting that it could lose the emotional essence of the first movie which will be released in theaters on February 7th for the US and Feb 14th for the UK.

Watch the trailer for The Lego Movie below:

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