Amazon’s Season Pickups Destined For Success Or Failure (Analysis)

In the aftermath of Amazon’s digital pilot season in February, people have been hanging on, hoping that their favorite pilot will to continue to unfold the tall tales, especially after last years relateably sensational selection of original series. However, this years selections are relatively focusing lesser on comedy and pushing development of their drama programming, although as this might appear to be a surefire bet Amazon’s desperation to expand its content by stretching its seemingly limited budget might not particularly play out as hoped outside the confined realm of sitcom comedy.

Amazon Studios released its first round of pilots last year, which included two original series, the comedies ‘Alpha House’ and ‘Betas’ both of which have been very successful, although Betas received the greatest viewer response from its relatability. While both of these shows have grown a large fan base it is still unclear just whether Amazon intends to renew any of its shows for a second season. It is also unclear if Amazon intends to improve its consecutive distribution of its shows. Following Amazons first original comedies one of the major problems for the shows has been the varied times of release, the weekly episodes where listed to be online every Friday. However, the shows regularly appeared online anywhere from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon, very much damaging the viewership of the shows, taking the opposite road compared to Netflix’s binge release system. Which without a set time for viewers to know the episodes are online is for on demand viewing is simply failing.

The shows still all remain far from Netflix’s emmy winning standard. However, The After with its indie filming style appears to be heading to become of the most popular picked up series. The After, from writer, director Chris Carter, follows eight strangers as they are thrown together by mysterious forces and must help each other survive in a violent world that defies explanation.

Along with Bosch, The After become the first two drama series to have been picked up by Amazon for development.

The other series picked up for development include Jill Soloway’s dark Los Angeles set comedy Transparent, The Rebels and Mozart in the Jungle, totaling five new original series in addition to the still to be confirmed five of the 10 series in the kids genre.

Its uncertain just whether Amazon’s pickups are destined for success or failure. However, if Amazon continues with the infrequency of its first round of original series it’s unlikely the shows will in any way develop a fan base considerably similar to Netflix’s original series.

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