NBC Pulls ‘The Michael J. Fox Show’ From Thursday Night Lineup

After debuting on NBC during the 2013 fall season pilot week, The Michael J. Fox Show unfortunately fell victim to a drastic drop in ratings even despite Michael J Fox’s already existing fan base. The news comes just after the cancellation of NBC’s other fall season sitcom debut Sean Haye’s ‘Sean Saves the World’ which was canceled just over a week ago on January 28 also which was also pulled from the the Thursday night lineup.

NBC entertainment chairman, Bob Greenblatt commented on the The Michael J. Fox Show saying “It’s certainly what I hoped for creatively because I love the show but I would have hoped for a larger audience, It’s a function of all the things we were just talking about. I also think that there’s a learning curve on any new show and I see every episode and it gets better and stronger and more assured of why those characters are funny. We just did an episode where Michael goes to Sochi to cover the Olympics, which is a really funny episode of television. It could air during the Olympics or right after. The show is doing what it should do, which is get better and better.

The Michael J. Fox Show time slot will be filled with new episodes of CBS’s ‘The Good Wife’ beginning on March 9 and until then the slot will most likely be filled with coverage of this years Winter Olympics.

The show hasn’t even made it through its first season with NBC only airing fifteen of the total 22 episodes which where picked up last year. Although production wrapped on the total 22 episodes, it is uncertain whether NBC plans to air the remaining episodes, or leave the first and only season at fifteen episodes. It is also unclear just whether Michael J. Fox plans to end his recent return, since Spin City and Back to the Future, with the shows swift cancellation.

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