Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale Review

A season of tension filled drama, conjures up one thrilling episode of answers.

The opening scene sees the liars surprised to discover that Noel has been helping Alison. The episode continues through a long thrilling discussion where through countless flashbacks the remains of the night from the first episode is put together and finally unraveled, spilling many secrets out into the open. The episode also removes all ‘A’ suspects and once again lands us in the unknown. Then after they unravel the night of Alison’s disappearance and discover just what happened to Alison four seasons ago, the liars are tracked down by ‘A’, with the police search party being lead astray the liars and Alison are left vulnerable with only Ezra to save them.

So what we now know about the liars is that the mysterious ‘A’ is infact not Alison’s mother or the now wounded Ezra and with the police being manipulated, kept in the dark by CeCe after she is apprehended and interrogated, she says that she is trying to help her friend Alison, although she gives that police proof that he is alive from a mysteriously obtained photo. Spencer is now being hunted by the police for a violent crime she believed she committed whilst on drugs. However, we have now learnt that Spencer is actually not guilty of anything and that he foggy memories where partly real but also partly imagination.

In the next season’s premiere episode there is likely to be a lot of drama over the disappearance and murder of Mrs DiLaurentis. Its also very likely that we will begin to see the four liars driven apart but this time not from each other but from their families as more dark secrets will be revealed, whilst the detectives continue unraveling the mystery of the Alison and just what Spencer’s parents have covered up.

The suspect list that was constantly growing as season 4 began has now been depleted eliminating almost every suspect, even with the strange previously unsuspected possible A’s highlighted by the details in Ezras manuscript. So we will likely see a number of new characters or background characters being developed in the fifth season.

At the end of the season finale it sets the playing field for . So while there is a huge cliffhanger there is also a upside as we will only have to wait a couple of months before welcoming back Pretty Little Liars to its season 5 which premieres on June 10th.

The episode has managed to satisfy the audience growing demand for answers and keep the series interesting for another season although it is likely that the fifth will be the last season for the show. Unless that writers have actually been holding back with even more secrets or the creators might continue the series as a feature length movie as mentioned and discussed as a possibility at the recent Paleyfest panel by the series cast and creators.

So with a once again an unknown ‘A’, Rosewood is left hanging on the edge. Season five is not going to be one you want to miss.

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