Q&A: Constance Zimmer Talks Her Time On The Newsroom

TFM joins Constance Zimmer as she talks about her recent time on HBO’s Emmy nominated The Newsroom. Constance played Taylor in the previous two episodes of The Newsroom, Taylor is the press manager for the Romney campaign and is in almost direct opposition to one of the Newsroom’s familiar faces John Gallagher Jr who plays the well known and quirky character Jim Harper also following Will Mcavoy mission to civilize in a stand up battle to ask the questions the press want to ask on the presidential campaign trail. Actress Constance Zimmer is also well known for her role in another HBO show Entourage along with her roles in Boston Legal and the recent Emmy nominated House of Cards.

What’s your favorite part about playing Taylor in The Newsroom?

Constance Zimmer: “Because there are too many reasons to list, I would probably say getting to spar with the likes of Will McAvoy and Jim Harper because you don’t get to do that in real life. That and it’s always fun to rub people the wrong way!”

What is it like to be on a show with such quick dialogue?

Constance Zimmer: “Yes! Being on a show that is smart and quick is awesome as opposed to quick and just spewing out nonsense. It’s so much fun to say so much good dialogue so fast! If we could all say bad dialogue really quickly then it’s just filler. You want to rewind it and listen to it again to make sure you hear it all!”

How does acting in Newsroom compare to other roles you have had?

Constance Zimmer: “It’s definitely one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever had because of the writing and the politics and the complexity of the characters on the show. Doing Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue definitely keeps you on your toes and you learn at the same time, which you don’t get from all the parts you play!”

What are your thoughts on Taylor’s slip up at the bar with Jim?

Constance Zimmer: “I think he deserved it but she also crossed a professional line, which she shouldn’t have but also shows a little bit of insight into her own issues about what her career choice is.”

what did you do to prepare for your role as Taylor?

Constance Zimmer: “I put on a very good game face when I’m getting ready to play Taylor. As far as preparing, I just always have to make sure that she’s one way on the inside but shows something else on the outside. You’ll come to see in future episode that there’s a little bit more going on with her that meets the eye.”

What has it been like working on both House of Cards and The Newsroom, both huge political dramas?

Constance Zimmer: “I would say it’s very insightful and I’ve learned a lot through the characters I’ve been portraying on both shows. It’s really great that both characters are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, one being liberal one being republican. It’s interesting to see where you can find the similarities between the two.”

Has playing this role affected your opinion on political campaigns at all?

Constance Zimmer: “Absolutely. I definitely learned about the inner workings of campaigns enough to know that I’m glad that I’m not in politics.”

What has been your favorite episode of season 2 so and why?

Constance Zimmer: “My favorite part of Season 2 is the surrealism of watching the show that I’ve been such a fan of and seeing myself portray a character on the show and interacting with the other characters. It makes it that much more fun when I see myself interacting with these characters that I followed and have been a fan of.”

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