‘Sherlock’ Return Joins UK New Year’s Day TV Celebrations

The BBC confirmed earlier this morning that the long awaited third season of the critically acclaimed detective drama Sherlock will be joining BBC One’s new year’s day celebrations.

The Reichenbach Fall the last episode in the second series of Sherlock followed Sherlock as he was publicly and personally disgraced by the criminal mastermind Moriarty as he turned the entire world against Sherlock. The episode lead us in to alienating territory, as we found Sherlock left at the bottom of the food chain only to escape a brief encounter of a deadly fall which has left the world believing consulting detective Sherlock Holmes has passed on. Although in the final moments of the second series we get a glimpse showing Sherlock hiding from public view. Until he returns to his colleagues and partner John Watson months later in the new series of Sherlock according to the most recent promo from the BBC.

After the the dramatic cliffhanger that Sherlock left us with back in January 2012 in the last episode of the three part season two entitled ‘The Reichenbach Fall’, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will be returning in the third series of Sherlock with the first episode entitled ‘The Empty Hearse’. The Empty Hearse will also star and entirely new character Mary Morstan portrayed by Amanda Abbington which according to Sherlock history is destined to become the wife of Doctor John Watson before the end of the third series according to the title of the third and last episode of the third series ‘His Last Vow’.

– The Empty Hearse
– The Sign of Three
– His Last Vow

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson will be returning to our screens in the UK on BBC One during the New Year’s day celebrations on January 1st, 2014; they will later appear for US viewers on PBS on January 19th.

PROMOS: Sherlock S3 E1 (Air Date: 1st Jan 2014)

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