TV Recap: The Mentalist Returns To The Traditional

After a three week long vacation from our televisions The Mentalist returned last night to the traditional consultant Patrick Jane tale as five DEA agents are murdered during a federal office attack. All while Jane wanders off once again and this time for a romantic encounter with a newly found suspect leaving Lisbon and Fischer to track down the ring leader of the Gulf Coast cartel.

This third episode of the reborn Mentalist takes us to Corpus Christi as Jane, dose more traditional solo work leading himself deeper and deeper in to the usual trouble. Whilst Jane is wandering off Lisbon and Fischer interview a surviving agent who believes that the gunmen where part of the Gulf Coast Crime Ring; a vicious drug ring that the DEA busted last month. The DEA suspects that the is a local businessman with a legitimate front, and they hope that Jane and the team can uncover his identity.

Some of the episodes other traditional moments, including the return of Jane’s CBI couch and Teresa Lisbon officially becoming a FBI Special Agent, both mark the return to the original Mentalist. After the shows prophesied ending of the mortal villain Red John chapter the show has become stronger and better than ever, as two years and three episodes later the show has now been launched into the federal world as Jane is beginning to travel to a fresh city for each episode in this new series.

Brianna Brown guest stared last night on The Mentalist’s episode “White Lines” as the lead suspect being well within the sights of Patrick Jane’s romantic lure as the episode unfolds. Known as Taylor in Lifetime’s “Devious Maids,” Brianna gives a brilliant performance in the episode and is possibly poised to return to the show in the future.

Last week on The Mentalist “Green Thumb” A computer programmer who helped write the code that protects the Federal Reserve has gone missing, and the FBI fears the worst. Abbott and Fischer decide to enlist Jane’s help, albeit reluctantly accepts, his case closure record at the CBI was second to none, but they don’t want a loose cannon on their team. Jane has been cooling his heels in a jail cell for the past three months, but when the FBI brings Lisbon on board he agrees to work the case, leading to his initiation episode working for the FBI. Next Sunday January 12th, CBS will air The Mentalist episode “Golden Hammer” which will focus around the Whitaker family and will see another appearance from Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt who are currently no longer season regulars on the show.

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