TV Recap: The Mentalist Aftermath Of The Red John Chapter

The Mentalist returns after its signature sign off last week, which finally closed the door on the tale of the good Teresa Lisbon, The Bad Red John and the mentalist Patrick Jane. All after running on the backbone of the Red John case since the shows debut on CBS in September, 2008.

Last nights episode “My Blue Heaven” took us flying two years in to the future and landing on a tropical Mexican island in the company of Patrick Jane, where after finally closing the case on Red John he now lives his lives with the illusion of peace, detached from his previous life except for infrequent letters to his former colleague Teresa Lisbon. That is until FBI agent Dennis Abbott finally tracks him down only to offer him a deal for full immunity if he agrees in writing to work for the FBI for a period of five years without getting thrown into a cell for his little criminal catching mind games that the CBI previously treasured.

Despite the anticipated and fragile moment of loosing the shows mortal villain the show has returned to a stronger story and essence then has ever been displayed on the show before with new authentic characters with thrilling potential to tangent off in to a selection of gripping story lines. The show features a return of Rockmond Dunbar who reprises his FBI agent character as Dennis Abbott and appears to be in the new phase of the series for the long-run.

The episode also introduced a new character and some revised characters including the lead new charter who is set to send Patrick’s love life in to a daring dive, Kim Fischer played by Emily Swallow, who meets Patrick in a small beach bar on a Mexican island. The episode also included a moment with Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) and Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) who despite all roomers will still be on the show although it appears that they will no longer be included as regulars. Another returning character is Kimball Cho (Tim Kang) who in a twist of madness has become an FBI agent with a harder emotional state that from his days in the CBI working alongside Patrick which it appears he will be continuing to do in the continuing phase of the show.

Simon Baker better known as Patrick Jane despite lead staring in last nights and over 124 episodes of The Mentalist with various directors, Simon took the reigns of directing the episode “My Blue Heaven” which despite his unique skill balancing the positions he has only done with three other episodes of the Mentalist in the past on a seemingly annual and monumental cycle. The episodes directed by Simon include Red Sails in the Sunset (2012), Blinking Red Light (2011) and Red Moon (2010). It is unclear whether the second phase of the series will continue to be directed by Simon Baker although this episode was certainly in touch with the shows history and style.

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